Yacht Crew Accommodation Tips

Whether you’re new to yachting or in between jobs, the superyacht industry always involves the constant need of finding decent housing, especially when you are looking for a job as yacht crew. Irrespective of your experience in the industry, you are persistently going to find yourself in need of useful information that you can employ in finding the finest accommodation while you head out to find work in sunnier climates. It is true that there are locations which offer housing exclusively dedicated to yachties but there are a lot of other factors that need to be taken into account. We have taken the liberty to piece together some suggestions, tips, and other useful information that can prove helpful to you while finding accommodation.

Make sure one of the first things you do is to pick up a SIM card, that way you are easily contactable. Also, before you go around looking for a place, it is important that you acquaint yourself with the various options that are available, the benefits and drawbacks that accompany them. Some of the accommodation options include:

Crew Houses

Any yachting city or town will without a doubt host the presence of dedicated crew housing where you will encounter the opportunity to meet and network with other crew members from all around the globe. Crew houses are more or less like hostels, so they provide easy living and convenience. You get everything that you can possibly ask for—a bed, linens, furniture, fully stocked kitchen, TV, and internet access. The rent of the crew houses is usually expected on a weekly basis and ranges somewhere between €30 and €60 per night. This kind of accommodation will prove to be very fruitful in expanding your network since you will have multiple opportunities to foster friendships with crew members—both experienced and greenies.

However, while opting for cheaper crew houses, one may keep in mind that while they will save you money, the kind of accommodation will not be as glamorous. It is up to personal preference, but it could possibly be worth paying more to stay in a better crew house. Especially when the better crew houses do receive more calls from yachts for day job workers, temporary work, etc. This is where you network and potentially find your future employer.

Shared Private Accommodation

If you are not a fan of staying in a hostel-like accommodation, you can always find an apartment, a flat, or a house to share with other crew members. The best way to go through with this is to actively follow online forums, networking sites, and or ask around before you head to find work or during your initial days of staying at crew houses. A shared accommodation will offer all the same benefits as a crew house but in a much more personal dimension. Depending on the location and quality of the flat, it can be cheaper than crew housing, and you get to choose your flat mates so that’s an added benefit. A pro tip would be to look for an apartment, flat or house with Wi-Fi in order to make the job-hunting process easier.

Youth Hostels and Hotels

The third housing option you can consider are youth hostels or hotels in town.

Youth hostels are a reasonable, affordable, and convenient option since you can stay there on a day-basis until you figure out what your next move is. This is a great option for people who do not want to stay in crew housing or private flats.

Hotels in a city or town will prove to be very helpful location wise but can be quite expensive. While it is an option, it is not preferred if you are starting out in the yachting industry and trying to save monies.

What other things are important while choosing a housing option?

Proximity to Crew Agents

Crew placement agencies play an essential role when looking for a yacht job. Most placement agencies look for crew who are readily available and having accommodation within the superyacht hubs does prove beneficial. If you check in with agencies every so often, networking, dock walking, and are actively finding ways to land a permanent job the higher your chances will be.

Quality of Accommodation

This is more of a personal choice than necessity but the trick lies in spending quality time outside your bedroom. Use your place of accommodation as a networking opportunity and contact as many people, crew members or agents, as you can.


Make sure you book well in advance, as most crew houses get fully booked out quick, especially during the beginning of yacht seasons. With the onset of the season, it is quite obvious that you will face hardships in finding a decent accommodation, so be smart, do your homework, inquire, and make it official.

General Accommodation Tips for new yachties (also known as greenies)

Most people will advise first timers to go in early before other crew members but it might turn into a waste of time, money, and accommodation because the lack of work in between seasons. You can use this time to find day work, or temporary work where you can earn roughly between €12 and €15 hourly. Ensure you target the popular superyacht locations where prospective crew often base themselves to be available for upcoming jobs.


Europe is famous for its summer cruising season especially during June and September. Among popular locations are Antibes in France and Palma de Mallorca in Spain. These two prime locations attract the largest amount of job-seeking crew.


There are plenty of crew housing options in Antibes, and even more people looking for yacht crew jobs. Lots of which will normally be fully booked. Fortunately, there are alternative accommodation options not far from Antibes, places such as Juan Les Pins or Biot.

Here are a few crew houses in Antibes:

  • The Crew Grapevine


+33 (0)6 16 66 28 or +33 (0)6 19 03 26 52


  • The Glamorgan


+33 (0)4 93 34 42 71 or +33 (0)6 25 16 54 57


  • Bel-Air Crew House


+33 (0)6 98 15 09 22


  • The Crew House


+33 (0)4 90 92 49 39 or +33 (0)6 28 58 66 26


  • Debbie’s Crew House


+33 (0)4 93 74 41 40 or +33 (0)6 32 38 75 28



Palma de Mallorca

Much like Antibes, another famous superyacht hub. Palma de Mallorca offers diverse housing options. In case of full housing situation, Santa Catalina, Old Town, and La Lonja are alternative recommended places.

  • Crew Accommodation (Palma)


Maria: +34 654 528 264 or Ana: +34 647 633 214


  • Hostal Apuntadores


+34 971 713 491


  • Hostal Corona


+34 617 55 97 67


  • The Boat House


+34 971 73 41 14


  • Hostal Ritzi


+34 971 71 46 10




Fort Lauderdale

Fort Lauderdale is one the best yachting hub for new crew members. Fort Lauderdale welcomes all yachts returning from the Mediterranean, Caribbean, and the East Coast of USA for repair and maintenance. These yachts then depart early spring and winter which is the start of another season, the best time for crew to find jobs and accommodation.

  • The Neptune Group


+1 (954) 763 1050


  • Crew Castle


+1 (954) 931 8945


  • Sabra’s Crew Accommodations


+1 (954) 235 0589


  • Smart Move Crew Accommodations & Property Management


+1 (954) 525 9559


  • Palm Place Residence

+1 (954) 655 8526 or +1 (954) 566 7182



If you have any questions or need additional tips, you can send us an email at info@superyachtrotation.com