Why Does SuperYacht Rotation Only Work With Rotational Roles

Superyacht Rotation only handles crewing services or rotational positions because its goal is to turn the yachting industry into the “Commercial Norm”.

In yachting, the concept of “standard” commercial rotation of 50/50 is still seen as a dream position and a lucky deal whereas in the commercial sector it is common, if not an industry standard. Why should the superyacht industry be any different? Sure it may be a little more glamorous in comparison but everything else is much the same: salary is similar, the level of training for all yacht crew, yacht crew spend the same amount of time away from friends and family, high expectations for the job, etc.

More and more yachts are being built each year, many of them larger than ever and there is still a very high demand for highly skilled yacht crew in all departments. Superyachts are starting to understand the idea that if they don’t offer rotation throughout the departments, crew will often jump ship which in turn leads to additional expense for flights, agency fees, training, uniforms etc. to name a few. Junior crew members will often turn to the “freelancer model”, work a season here and there to get their well-deserved time off.

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