How to get a couples job on a SuperYacht

The opinions differ when it comes to how the superyacht industry feels about the hiring couples to work together on a boat. Some captains and ship owners resist it in general, while other boats are actually considered “couple friendly”. If you and your partner are looking for employment on a yacht together, here are some things to consider as you apply for jobs.

It is important that you and your partner keep your CV up to date and written specifically for the superyacht industry. Superyacht CVs can be slightly different from land based CVs. Superyacht CVs will require a photo of you alone, not you and your partner. It is also considered unprofessional to join yours and your partners CVs. Always present yourself on your own merits, and yours alone. The conditions you have set for joining the ship only with your partner can be discussed and negotiated after your CV has gotten the attention of your prospective employer.

There are always positives and negatives for consideration by any captain when it comes to the subject of employing a couple on a superyacht. Often times, couples are less likely to be party goers. Couples that have been together over a longer period tend to be more secure and reliable. They also tend to work harder on behalf of one another and understand well that the individuals actions reflect on their partner. These are all factors that can be highly beneficial to the captain and yacht owner.

On the other hand, you must be careful of the commonly understood negative effects of employing a couple aboard a superyacht. Couples that have not been together for very long are often prone to disagreements that can be disruptive to other crew members, and possibly the guests or even ship duties. There is also the risk of losing two crew members due to the dismissal of one of them. Captains must also consider the possibility that one crew member may attempt to “pull rank” based solely on the position held by their partner. These are all factors that are going to be on the minds of captains or yacht owners when presented with the option of hiring a couple as crew members.

Luckily, there are many vessels out there that are considered “couple friendly”. They’ve already weighed the pros and cons of hiring couples as crew aboard the ship and have decided in advance to make the ship operations suitable for couples to be hired. These can often be your best bet when it comes to seeking employment as a couple aboard a superyacht. Right away, you no longer have to worry about selling a possible employer on the concept of hiring a couple. You can approach the application and interview process confident that you will only have to present yourself on your merits, rather than first overcoming the employer’s possible aversion to hiring couples as crew.

Lastly, even after being hired as a couple aboard the same ship, you must remember: always take part! Don’t isolate yourselves from the other crew members and remember to have fun. Enjoy your hard-won employment aboard the ship with your partner!